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15 Fall Fashion Deals to Shop at Amazon — Including 50% Off a Levi's Faux-Shearling-Lined Denim Jacket

Dyneema fabric is seriously impressive.

The Carbitex plate is fun to play with, as you can bend the plate in one direction but not in the other.

Eighteen months after Veja released their first running trainer, the eco-conscious brand is back with a new and improved model: the Marlin.


“If they’re cool enough for Steve McQueen, they’re cool enough for me she says.

The biking revolution - which began prior to the pandemic due to the rising popularity of e-bikes, local governments' commitments to making cities more bike-friendly, and the appeal of biking's non-existent carbon footprint - was now in full swing.

Martens 1460 Slip Resistant Steel Toe Boots

Not cheap, but worth any serious runner’s consideration.

Lemieux suggested that he decorate the car with some Shopify decals.

These features may help reduce heel pain, and burning or tenderness in the ball of your foot.

It should be wide enough and long enough to fit your feet.

3-inch stiletto heels.

He cried when his dad died and when Chelsea died and that’s all I can remember.

I’m gonna play for the Tune Squad this summer instead of the Olympics, joked James after the Lakers dropped their first-round playoff series to the Phoenix Suns, with a 113-100 Game 6 loss on June 3.

Michelle Li, fashion and beauty editor at Teen Vogue, chose Veja Low-Tops as her favorite (they happen to be a favorite in the New York Magazine offices, as well).

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