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The most unique and popular trends flourished in Italy and Spain, the countries where the strongest seaports of Europe were located, the craftsmen's shops and merchants were developing at rapid speed, and the first financial centers were established.

I feel confident, have a bounce in my step and feel like I can tackle the world.

“They’re the most comfortable shoes I own and genuinely stay true to the original 1920s retro look and branding — white canvas upper, yellow gum outsole, and a really nice vintage red-and-blue logo.

And fun is the point, which is why if a grown man isn’t going to go with a totally classic sneaker, then it’s the weirder the better.

Find an inclined surface and walk on it.

Cheques are issued for the reason of securing proof of payment.

katie holmes style fall shoe staples

Lane Crawford, various locations across Hong Kong, 2118 2288, www.

They’re also part of a small but esteemed group of shoes on this list that we’d wear casually.

What to look for in a shoe.

They have bigger lugs (the “cleats on the outsole) than road-running shoes for better grip on uneven terrain.

Additional words by Mike Dent.

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