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75, which decreases by about 10%.

Parable about… is hardly sophisticated use of an anagrind, but it has remarkably effective simplicity as a stock phrase.

In March 2018, in a piece in this very magazine, Viva fashion director Dan Ahwa decried the inhibiting effect the traditional tight men’s trouser has on sperm production , adding: Luckily, relaxed trousers are back in style allowing more breathing space below the waist, from men’s peg-top trousers to the ubiquitous dressed-up track pants you can wear round the clock.

Given their proximity and accessibility by rapid transit to Manhattan, Jersey City and Hudson County are sometimes referred to as New York City's Sixth borough .

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See the IRS S Corporation Fact Sheet for details.

The character Rocky Balboa wore Chucks in the movie Rocky , and the Ramones frequently sported Chucks because they were inexpensive .

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