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Hon. Dr. Edward De Bono,Hon. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,Hon. Vladimir Putin,Hon. Prince Charles,Hon. Melania Trump,Hon. Arnold Schwarzenneger,Hon. Sylvester Stallone, Hon. Prince Harry, Hon. Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, Hon. Anil Ambani,CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), Council of Science & Technology – U.P.,NRDC (National Research Development Corporation OF INDIA),DRDO (Defense Research Development Organization OF INDIA), M&m Spark The rise,& many others

OBJECTIVE OF My innovation Services (MiS) is to *Amazingly-Enable my Clients (persons & companies), to Astonishingly-Boost their Profits, Products, Services & Brand-Image; through Generations-Ahead innovations & Knowledge-Application-Superiority.

JOB OF MiS is to create & provide Customized, World-Class *Open-innovation Consultancy Services, to *amazingly improve & economize most of the products & services, economically. MiS  provides *Guaranteed-*Effective innovative ideas, with *Guaranteed-*Amazing- *Claims (about product / process/business development in %age, affixed after analysis), at least price-tag, directly to Manufacturing / Service Providing Client Companies; for further development & marketing / usage; with support till last stage.

AIM OF MY OPEN-INNOVATION CONSULTANCY SERVICES (MiS) is to aid various client companies, to SPEEDILY achieve *Amazing R&D, innovations & ‘Products-Services & Business Development, on absolutely *risk-free basis. MiS provides its services in form of giving *Guaranteed-*Effective innovative ideas only (with *Guaranteed-*Amazing-*Claims), as per Open-innovation.

FEATURES OF MiS [My innovation Services]:

MiS is Personally provided by me (also a Member of “Indian Innovators Association–Member of International Federation of Inventor’s Association, Switzerland”).

My innovation Services are provided on similar lines of ‘Latest-Fastest-Best’ Method of ‘Open Innovation’. I prefer online working. However, to safeguard Intellectual Property Values (as & when required), personal meetings are obviously a pleasure.

MiS is *Money-Back Guaranteed for *Effectiveness of ideas [i.e.. for my innovative ideas being “Easily & Economically Implementable, Workable, ‘User + Environment + Industry + Business Friendly’, Extremely Value-Adding & Profitable”]; & is also *Money-Back Guaranteed for its *Claims (in %age, about product/process/profit improvements, which are affixed after *feasibility-analysis of the exact requirement of innovations by clients.).

My innovation Services are available at *Risk-Free & Amicably-Negotiable Terms & Conditions.

MiS are Highly *Cost-Effective & customized as per my client company’s requirements.

My innovation Services are available for all types of manufacturing / service-providing companies, for many products & most of the services; in varied capacity, on *feasibility basis.

MiS is just unbelievable, like my sample Inventions & Innovations, & is absolutely Risk-Free!

My innovation Services are aimed to Improve & Economize, products/services/process/businesses, preferably simultaneously!

My all innovative ideas are pre-tested on all relevant factors.

I also provide complete Knowledge Support till Profit-Making Stage!

My innovation Services provides its services at Highly-Affordable Price (at Approx. 70% of the Market Price)!

 NOTE:    I work ‘only as a consultant’, on contract basis.

                Companies innovatively can be more flexible & can create a job post for “open-innovation consultant” as required.


Space stations, shuttles, rockets & satellites etc. & related services (for e.g. ..% better weather sensing satellites/rockets/space-station amenities, etc.).
Means of Transportations (for e.g. ..% better Ships, Aircrafts, Trucks, Cars, Bikes, Bicycles, etc.).
All types of Products, Machineries & Equipments, for e.g.:
Agricultural equipments.
Earthmoving machines.
Anti-pollution devices.
Waste disposal equipments.
Innumerable Life-Sciences, FMCG & Household items like:
Health related products & services (for e.g. ..%better medicines formulations, ..% better medical equipments, ..% better treatment policy evolution, etc.).
Educational products & Services.
Power (for e.g. ..% better solar cells, etc.).
Computers & accessories, TVs, Monitors, Smart phones, etc. in limited aspects (I do not innovate software & PCBs).
Refrigerators, AC, Coolers, Bulbs, Tubes, Fans, etc.
Shoes, Garments, Rain Coats, etc.
Exercise equipments.

Manufacturing, Marketing, etc.


Research & Development.

Social Engineering.



Sports (Individual or Group).

Concept-Notes on patterns & themes of paintings, movies, videos, textiles, dress-designing, exhibitions, commercialization, etc.

Concept-Notes in fields of education, health (including medicines formulations, equipments, networking, etc.), literature, social schemes & projects, etc.

 NOTE: My innovative ideas may be useful also in few war-machines, but will be generally of creative nature only, made for peace-oriented products & services.