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IMPORTANT, CUSTOMIZABLE & AMICABLY-NEGOTIABLE Procedure & ‘Terms & Conditions’ for *Mutually-Risk-Free [ (IP)Intellectual-Property related)] services are:

 1. In Non-Intellectual Property related cases, consultancy will be provided like normal Legal, Financial etc. consultants.

 2. Interested companies/clients are requested to kindly send me their exact wishes & requirements for innovation, & adequate non-confidential data, for *Feasibility-analysis.

I analyze & affix:


Claim(s) about improvement & economization of client’s product(s)/service(s) & Open-innovation consultancy requirements.

Time-Frame & Schedule of providing my ideas & consultancy services,

Charges for my services (*all are variable with projects);
& intimate back to the client ASAP, for earliest decision of the clients.

3. Further interested companies/clients & myself discuss, negotiate, customize & signs a MoU/Agreement, duly mentioning the following (if, as & when required to specific clients):

The complete zest of a/m Feasibility & Pricing report,
These T&CS,
In specific required cases:

That the company/client is interested in free-evaluation of my innovative idea(s) for the aforesaid *Guaranteed *Effectiveness & *Guaranteed *Claims, with Specifics about T&Cs, Time-Frame, Price, Payment schedule, etc. of my consultancy.

That the company/client, in any case, will neither use any of my innovative idea(s) submitted for evaluation only, by any way, nor share it with anyone, or make any use of the information against my financial interests; in view to protect my ‘Not-yet-applied for Patent’ as well as even Non-Patentable ideas & IP (Intellectual Property) Values of my Open-innovation Consultancy Services.

10% -75% advance payment (including security deposit, which is variable with projects) of the affixed price; is online paid by the company, to me in my bank account [My Bank Account Details: My name – Satish Kumar Thakur, My Account no. 3464581597, My bank’s details: (Central Bank of India, Branch Address- 4/275, Vineet Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, (U.P.).-226020, MICR Code – 226016020, IFSC code – CBINO283305, Branch No. – 03305), My Customer No. – 00000008248300209.].


  • Academically & Theoretical testing of my ideas, on the basis of Well-Established & Proved Scientific Theories, Principles & Calculations, will be treated as the ONLY method to test the ‘Effectiveness’ of the ideas & ‘Correctness’ of the Claim(s). 
  • The same will also be the ONLY decisive parameters, for *Money-Back Guarantee for the ‘effectiveness’ of the ideas & ‘Correctness’ of the Claim(s).
  • To protect even my non-patentable ideas & IP values, if the ideas are proved as effective & the Claim(s) are proved as correct, advance money will NOT be refundable; & it will be MANDATORY for the company to buy the idea.
  • No disputes can be claimed by the buyer party, after completion of deal.
  • Patent & Royalty issues are also negotiated & finalized & inked at the required time, in required cases.
  • If the ideas are proved as NOT effective & the Claim(s) are proved as NOT correct as per above, (in Academically & Theoretically testing of my ideas) on the basis of Well-Established & Proved Scientific Theories, Principles & Calculations only; 100% advance money (incl. interest, less bank transaction charges) will be refunded  to the company/client, by me, online, ASAP.
  • In this case, the proposed buyer company will have to mention in the refusal letter that the ideas were not found viable as per a/m tests, & the company will not make any use of the same, protecting my interests.
  • My Ideas are provided & everything is freely-discussed as per the requirements, Time-Frame & schedule, to the company, online & in person, as & when required.
Complete Knowledge Support will be provided to the company, by me, to implement the innovative ideas, in product/process/services development; till Profit-Making Stage.
Projects can only be taken on after affixing *Feasibility & on ‘First Come – First Serve’ basis.
My innovation services (MiS) are also available for Individuals too (for e.g.: for co-innovating, ……………..sports persons for performance enhancement / sports injury treatment, etc.).
All transactions will be made by Centralized Banking System only.
Mode of Exchange of information will be finalized as per the mutual requirements, to safeguard the information & intellectual-property values.
My complete visiting expenses will be borne by the company/client, for any/all visits; as per the agreement/MoU.
Procedure & T&Cs are negotiable, customizable & may vary with projects, but will be broadly covering required points as mentioned above.


I hereby certify that all the information given above (& in my website), is correct to the best of my knowledge.

                              With Thanks, Warm Regards & Best Wishes,
                                      innovatively yours,
           Ex-Capt. Satish Kumar Thakur
(Globally – Appreciated innovator)
Open-innovation Consultant [For *Amazing R&D, Products, Services & Business Development].

  • Onkara, B-3/12, Vinay Khand-3, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (U.P.), INDIA - 226010.
  • (+91) 99365 01367, (+91) 98077 64777